The Many Benefits of One-On-One English Language Instruction


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English Classes By Skype is centered on private one-on-one English lessons. One-on-one instruction is considered to be the ideal academic learning environment over a classroom setting with other students. But do you ever wonder what are some of the actual benefits?


Learn more quickly

Everyone learns differently in both style and rate. With one-on-one lessons the instructor can focus on the student’s specific needs in English, thus a student can rapidly improve his/her abilities. One-on-one instruction often moves at a pace decided by the learner. The teacher can accurately monitor how adept the student is in acquiring the new language and can target specific exercises and remediation. Student and teacher move through skills that are mastered quickly and spend more time fine-tuning trouble areas to meet the learner’s unique set of objectives. One-on-one instruction also provides more opportunity for immediate feedback and better understanding of the student’s learning style whether English is learned best through visual, auditory, or kinesthetic approaches.


Student and teacher form a trusting rapport

Personal attention is inherent in a one-on-one language setting. The student has the chance to develop a real and productive relationship with the teacher. Meaningful interaction and natural communication instead of rote drill results in high motivation and low anxiety situations, allowing students to produce when they are ready. The learner may also feel more comfortable in asking questions or stating concerns. In this environment, the learner takes on an equal role in making decisions, shifting away from a teacher-centered approach. Most important is the cultivation of trust that is essential for deeper learning to take place.


Builds confidence

Apart from a group, students in a one-on-one learning setting have less fear of making mistakes and need not feel self-conscious speaking in front of others, especially if other students have more advanced skills. Confidence comes from this non-competitive, encouraging, and enthusiastic environment and the high level of quality interaction between the student and teacher. The one-on-one English learning setting also offers a student plenty of practice. It is widely known that if you don’t practice speaking the language, you won’t become fluent in it.


Choices and flexibility

What’s more, in this exclusive one-on-one learning format, a student can choose his or her own lesson days, times, and frequency of lessons. Classes are effective because they are individually focused, with higher speaking time for a student and greater teacher-managed learning and discussion. One-on-one instruction is one of the best ways to learn English that helps build strong, practical language skills for confident communication and success.

Written by Marlene Martzke for English Classes by Skype


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